Jackie-Napping-300x236Jackie O is an elegant terrier who will not eat before brunch.  She prefers boneless, skinless chicken breasts but only if they are freshly cooked.  As a puppy she took excellent care of our Brittany Spaniel, Jesse, and made sure he had a happy old age.  As the senior and most established member of the terrier trio, Jackie quietly reigns as the grand duchess, treating all with dignity, respect and affection.  You know  you’ve found your way into her good graces if agrees to dance with you.  She is particularly fond of pretty young women, being a very attractive lady herself!


P1011242-150x150Coco is graceful, confident and talented just like her namesake Coco Chanel.  Coco definitely is not a mere “dog” but a special princess.  She sleeps on her side with her head on a pillow and her paw on one of her owner’s shoulders.  We recently discovered she has exceptional athletic abilities for someone with such a low center of gravity and short legs.  We are encouraging her to develop those talents.  She has a robust appetite that one would expect from such an active pup and will eat anything.



Buddy is a terrier native of Alpharetta, Georgia.  He is soulful and sweet.    Buddy’s favorite spot is in the lap of his owners or a trusted friend.  He will stare you down until you cave into his cuteness and pick him up for a snuggle.   He likes to follow his nose when he is out for a walk and is fully confident in his abilities to tackle blowing leaves, squirrels and the occasional mole — with or without his walking companions! He tends to wander into places where his human walker doesn’t wish to go.  Buddy stands his ground and loudly barks at any man, woman, child or animal who dares approach his home.  But once he has established that you are a friend, there is no sweeter or more loyal companion.